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2011 / Exhibitions panorama

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow

Space design for the Katarzyna Krakowiak's work Panorama

Curator: Anna Smolak

The physical route which the spectator must cover in order to arrive at an aesthetically pleasing image is connected with the expectations supplied by the memory of past experiences as well as the projection of what we imagine. Unexpectedly, Katarzyna Krakowiak’s installation grows out of the peripheries of the exhibition spaces of the gallery, only to abandon them and to annex places which – in terms of the purpose of the building – perform only a secondary function. It becomes a hybrid organism, whose logic is dictated, on the one hand, by the economy of space and, on the other, stems from the need to make connection (both in the physical and cerebral sense) between two areas: the real world and the world of art, which are governed by different rules of participation. A distinctly individual experiencing of space acts as a catalyst to emotions related to crossing over boundaries and discovering and conquering places hitherto beyond the physical reach or pushed away beyond the consciousness of their existence. The artist proposes a situation in which the expectations of the percipient are at all times confronted with the limitations which she has imposed. The spectator’s apparent influence on the area of observation does not make up for the feeling of loss connected with the fragmentation of the resultant image, deprived of its acoustic and visual context. What becomes significant is not what is visible and accessible but that which has been excluded from the field of vision.

2012 / Exhibitions photomonth 2012