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photomonth 2012

2012 / Exhibitions photomonth 2012



LATALAdesign was invited by Photomonth to create a 3D laboratory space for artist's and curator's works of the experimental section „Photography in everyday life”.

Our proposal is the series of installations and furnitures, based on the cube module. By multiplication it forms variable configurations, which can be adapt to various functions or needs. The framework system provides an experience of shifting transparency throughout the exhibition and creates an open, welcoming, yet intimate spaces for individual curators. Modular structure forms the visual 3D frames for graphic and life artist's actions, which remind the analog in-camera cropping.

Modular, timber installations filled entire space at Bunkier Sztuki  in Krakow, which becomes the centre of the venue. The framework used in the exhibition is a flexible, modular system that can be re-used and re-aligned for future needs.

Curator: Karol Hordziej

Coordinator: Joanna Gorlach

Lettering and sign design: Pilar Rojo

Bunkier Sztuki gallery, Krakow



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