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piccolo island

2013 / Installation piccolo island

An installation for the Piccolo Coro dell’Europa, play directed by Iga Gańczarczyk, staged in Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, Cracow.

The installation has a form of an island of dreams – an alternative reality – in the form of futuristic squatting place. That world is inhabited by children. The installation is made of braided string and paper, partially by children involved in the project. The mystery structure is a subtle allusion to serious themes touched upon in the course of the performance, including poverty or cooperation. No one knows whether it is meant to be a new parliament or a new protest camp of the “Disgusted” in front of the parliament building. Are the inhabitants of the island in power, or are they protesters? Is it an alms house?
Please come an see it this season at Laznia Nowa.

Director: Iga Ganczarczyk
Script: Iga Ganczarczyk
Choreografy: Dominika Knapik
Music: Daniel Pigonski
Educational workshops: Agata Otrebska

2012 / Installation winter tales