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2015 / Installation potlatch

Bunkier Sztuki gallery, Kraków
opening: 4.07.2015
curator: Anna Bargiel
co-author of the project: Iga Gańczarczyk

"The installation designed by LATALAdesign refers with its form to the tradition of ‘adventure playgrounds’, popularised in the 1940s in Scandinavia (yet never widely introduced in Poland). Very often, they were constructed illegally, and in the most radical cases they resembled open construction sites more than coherently designed and equipped playgrounds. The project will provide an impulse for the participants to construct their own social models. We would like to encourage children and adolescents to fantasise about reality based not on accumulation of goods, but on their exchange – material or otherwise. Would and what children will exchange? Are they capable of developing an alternative to the prevailing economic system? In the course of the project we shall offer children an opportunity to engage into a mass exchange of all kinds of goods.. At the closing of “Potlatch” the installation constructed by the participants will become a stage set for the performance prepared by children together with Iga Gańczarczyk."

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