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2018 / Design smak new

Smak - the snail invaders!

The title of the Smak's premiere reflects dynamism, youth and humor of the product. The soft – snail alike seats, were intended as alternative objects for play and relaxation in domestic environment. The puff is dedicated to active family. The re-interpretation of the seating function, dedicated to active families. The design comes from an observation of millennial family, where two generations clash together in a small living space. The parents with their need for appeasement and children with theirs active, constantly changing behavior and mobility require new objects, with new ergonomy. Our response is puffs with very comfortable sitter, which could adjust to the desired angle when intentional pressure is applied. This flexibility allows individual users to determine the position that is most comfortable for them. Children loves to lay down sideways, on the curl of Smak and put hands into the grooves along the spiral, which is sensory stimulating. The multiplied objects, are forming variable constellations, and could be adapted to small space.

2017 / Design spectra